ABOUT Fab Rideti

Born in France, Fab Rideti is an artist who emerged under the influence of Paris' creative scene as former international marketing director of Guerlain, one of the gems of the LVMH luxury conglomerate. In that role, she led artistic direction and fragrance development. As she decided to solely focus on her creative aspirations, Fab Rideti entered the School of Fine Arts of Versailles, France (Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Versailles) where she soon revealed a passion for photography. She settled in Seattle in 2010 , then in Bruxelles in 2015.

Fab Rideti has focused her energy on defining her distinctive style and inspiration: bringing a humorous lens and using mockery and gentle cynicism as an invitation to step back, reflect on life or simply smile.

Solo exhibitions

Oct 2019 -  Impermanence - ACAF - Bozar , (Brussels, Belgium)

Oct 2019 - Toys Stories , Art Unity Gallery , (Brussels, Belgium)

Jul/Aug 2018 - Celebration, Vivre ses racines - Halles Saint Géry, ( Brussels, Belgique)

Jun 2018 -  Toys Stories , MobileArt , (Brussels, Belgium)

Dec 2017 - Toys Stories ,  Pop Up the Jam, (Brussels, Belgium).

Dec. 2016 - Toy's Stories , U Own Gallery - (Brussels, Belgium).

Sept. 2013 - Perfect Families, Gallery 110 (Seattle, USA)

Dec. 2012 - Uprooted and Invisible, Wing Luke Museum (Seattle, USA)

Dec. 2012 - I Laugh, Therefore I Am, Espace K (Paris, France)

Nov. 2012 - Still Time for Women’s Lib, Gallery 110 (Seattle, USA)

Nov. 2012 - Beauty Is Everywhere, Mary’s Place (Seattle, USA)

May 2012 - I Laugh, Therefore I Am, Brinkley Gallery (Seattle, USA)

Group exhibitions

Jan 2021 - Publication :  The World Within – Hangar - Brussels

Dec 2020 - Knock Art Club , Art Unity Gallery. Knokke le Zoute

Oct 2019 -  Affordable Art Fair  , (London, UK)

March 2017 - Gallerie Rom3- (Brussels, Belgium)

June 2016 - Orient Occident- Marni - (Brussels, Belgium)

Dec. 2013 - Suburbia: Dream or Nightmare?, Linda Hodges Gallery (Seattle, USA)

Nov. 2013 - Our Lives… Fleeting Timelines, Photo Center Northwest (Seattle, USA)

May 2013 - Juried show The Other Gun Show, Gallery 110 (Seattle, USA)

Apr. 2013 - Juried show Seven Deadly Sins, Linus Gallery (Online)

Jan. 2013 - Permanent artist of Ryan James Gallery (Bellevue, USA)

Dec. 2012 - Juried show In The Mind And On The Street, Artswest Gallery (Seattle, USA)

Jul. 2012 - New Blood, Gallery 110 , (Seattle, USA)

Jun. 2012 - Juried show Still Life, Black Box Gallery (Portland, WA))

May 2012 - After Dinner Party, Corridor Gallery (Seattle, WA)

May 2011 - Graduated of Ecole des Beaux Art de Versailles- Specialisation in Photography