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Inner Shores *

DSC01711 wall simple_.jpg

Everything came to a stand still.  Brutally.

Our world shrunk, and suddenly fit inside the walls of our homes.

Time became elastic, ever expanding as more of the same, from one day to the next.

Minutes turned  h  o  u  r  s.

Silence filled in our previously humming lives.

DSC_3176 master main.jpg
DSC01711 wall simple_.jpg
_DSC4173 master.jpg

Within newly imposed constraints came an invitation: to reclaim or re-invent our own time and space.

As if we went on a journey within, exploring our inner shores, stretching our definition of freedom.

_DSC3696 Master.jpg

Hard as it has been to too many, we had to find strength in our own depth, or find depth when too much of our previous lives was noise, bringing out beauty where we are, instead of seeking it miles away. Revisiting the infinitely slow, the infinitely quiet, the richness that may lie within boredom.

DSC_6206 master.jpg
DSC_3286 master.jpg
_DSC5535 master.jpg

 In hindsight, I wanted each of these pictures to remind me of what I could learn from this period of time.

_DSC3303 Master.jpg
DSC_3495 master pia 2.jpg
DSC00965 master2.jpg

“There are moments in life when a sort of beauty is created by the multiplicity of the troubles that assail us”. 

 In Search of Lost Time. Marcel Proust

* This work was created for the
SOMFY Photography Award 2022

commissioned by SOMFY Nederland B.V.
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